Issue 170 “Union News” May 2024


Dear Parishioners,


Retirement –

Following a fantastic night of celebrations together we received a letter from The Grahams to the parishioners of MUP. Thank you to each and every one of you who came along and supported and so generously contributed to the retirement gift for our much loved rector and his amazing wife.


Wonderful Thanks to Wonderful Parishioners

As we walked into the ballroom of the Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar last night, Friday 12 April, we instantly knew we were going to experience something very special indeed.

Everywhere we looked we saw the lovely smiling faces of the parishioners whose company we had so enjoyed  so much during our 15 years of ministry in the parish.

The warmth of the welcome that was extended to us was both enriching and enhancing. We greatly appreciated the kind words spoken of our time in the Mullingar Union of Parishes and the delicious supper was so enjoyable. As we walked back to the Rectory after the evening we both spoke of how blessed we had been to have had the opportunity of working in such a very special parish. The balance that was struck over the years between ‘faith’ and ‘Fun’  inspired so many occasions and initiatives.

Each of the four churches, All Saints’, Killucan, Kilbixy and Almoritia were oasis of prayer and grace where we were privileged to experience the presence of God. The many different liturgical services inspired and fed our souls as did the bible study and the times of special prayer. The variety of parish activities gave for endless enjoyment from the legendary Whist Drives, the outstanding Mayfairs, the uplifting concerts and festivals and of course the most enjoyable coffee mornings. The singing of the parish choir, the beautiful flower arranging, the various children’s programmes, the youth events and Lighten Our Darkness by Numbers and the amazing work in the churchyards, God’s Gardens of Hope. The Parish National school  is a really great schoolwith dedicated teachers and staff. The work undertaken by everyone shapes the life of the parish for the better.

All these were made possible because of all the commitment and hard work of a wonderful team of parishioners. Truly great people made special by the age span from small children to bigger children, young teenagers, young adults, adults and more mature members of the parish.

The parish was also blessed by a very fine ecumenical initiative, Christian Voices Together, and the close connection with the wider community. The Church of Ireland is held in such high esteem. Parishioners also engage with a very active programme of charitable work which meets urgent social needs and also raises large amounts of money to support the work undertaken.

Frequently lectures and meetings are held in the parish to create awareness about social changes and the impact these changes are having on people and children.

This is but a brief outline of an amazing parish inspired by God’s grace and love and why we now leave after 15 with a trunkful of wonderful memories and cherished experiences.

We thank again all the parishioners, the dedicated members of the Select Vestry, and the wider community for all their invaluable support and kindness to us and for their outstanding generosity.

Last night was a night we will never want to forget. A thousand thanks to everyone and to those who so sensitively make the arrangements. We will keep you all in our prayers and thoughts and we wish the parish continued success in the years ahead.

With kindest regards, renewed thanks, and with God’s rich blessings

Olive and Alastair Graham

13 April 2024

Parish Sale – Saturday 11th  May

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th from 10am- 2pm.

Parish Sale children’s competitions for this year are:
Baking Under 8’s: Homemade biscuits of your choice. Please present 6 on a plate.

Baking Over 8’s: Chocolate Victoria cake decorated & presented on a plate.

Craft All ages: Garden on a plate. Please use a dinner plate to create a garden.

All entries to be submitted by 11am. There will be signage on the day to let you know where to bring your entries.

If you are a gardener please keep any extra plants or parts of your divided plants that you may have for the sale.

Helpers Required: 10am- 2pm.

If you are available to help on a stall please let me know as we would welcome a few more helpers. Contact Emma 0876374131

May Raffle cards can be returned to Church Wardens or on the day of the sale. Thank you in advance for your support.


Board Game Saturdays

There have been 2 very enjoyable board game afternoons so far. The next date is Saturday 18May from 3pm-5pm. We look forward to seeing you then with your favourite boardgame.



Emergency Pastoral Care


During the vacancy Canon Patrick Lawrence is available for emergency pastoral care.

His contacts are 0449222109 or 0860562944.

Church Services This Month



Sunday 5th May The Sixth Sunday of Easter

All Saints 10 am Arthur O’Toole

Almoritia  10 am Holy Communion Canon Pat Lawrence

Killucan 11.30am Richard Tansley


Thursday 9th May Ascension Thursday 

All Saints 11am Holy Communion


Sunday 12th May Sunday after Ascension Day

All Saints 10 am Luke Hawkins

Killucan 11.30 am Luke Hawkins


Sunday 19th May Pentecost Sunday

All Saints 10 am Canon Pat Lawrence

Killucan 11.30 am Canon Pat Lawrence


Sunday 26th May Trinity Sunday

All Saints 10 am Pearl Cowan

Kilbixy 11.30 Pearl Cowan













Contact  0876374131










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Submissions for Union Notes should be submitted by the 25th of each month .





We have sent the April and June Notes together as their was an issue with the labels earlier in the month and we decided not to waste money on double postage thank you for your understanding.




Any updated notes in May will be added to the Union notes online version available on the parish website

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