St Etchen’s Church – Killucan

The Monastic site founded by St. Etchen, Bishop of Clonfad in the 6th century A.D. is where the present Church of St. Etchen built in the year 1813 now stands.

It houses some beautiful stain glass windows, the most important one is the East Window above the Holy table. This is the work of celebrated artist, Sarah Purser. It depicts the Good Shepherd, William Price erected it in 1926.

The organ is a two manual pipe instrument and other pieces of interest are the lectern and Pulpit.
The Lectern known as the “Eagle” is a beautifully carved and brass mounted. It stands over six feet tall and was kindly presented by the Vandeleur family in 1881.

The pulpit is also a fine example of former day craftsmanship in carved oak an was presented by the D’Arcy family in 1904. The fine 13th century Baptismal Font was dug up in the Churchyard by the Rev. William Falkiner, Rector of the Parish from 1892 to 1910. The Vessel was cleaned and furnished with a cover, pedestal and base. It was then set up for use in the newly restored church of St. Etchen which stands on the ancient monastic site to-day.

A vault underneath the Church contains the remains of nine of the Pakenham family, Earls of Longford. The last burial there was the Major Hon. Frederick Beaucham Pakenham in 1901. Also buried there is Col. Pakenham who led the British forces into the Battle of New Orleans.