Virtual Coffee Mornings

Join Zoom Meeting on Thursday’s at 11 am  –

Meeting ID: 848 476 2144

Password:  Please Email  or text 0892497078 or PM the facebook page to obtain a password to enter the meeting

Each Thursday in All Saints’ Church Hall we gather together for coffee and conversation to raise money for Local Charities. Arthur and Marion O’Toole are our fantastic hosts  -Arthurs TastyTreats will always leave you coming back for more .

With the Church closed these charities are missing out  – so we plan to host some virtual coffee mornings in the form of an online Zoom  Meeting  and facebook chats We will launch this on Thursday 11th June .
Now we know that this won’t be everyones cup of tea or coffee!!!
However in the circumstances its all we can do for now  – but we hope people will support our go fund me campaign Generously so that the charities we support can continue to benefit.

The money raised in this campaign for June and July will be divided equally among our two chosen charities for these months They are  T.E.A.M , Temporary Emergency Accommodation Midlands  & Meals on Wheels two charities that are really under pressure as a result of the Covid19 Pandemic.

As restrictions ease a little you may like to host a small coffeemorning with close neighbours or friends  and family  – any money raised can be donated here  on the Go Fund Me Campaign

or by contacting us at or texting us on 089 2497078

zoom guidelines PDF

How to access and use Zoom (for meetings or Home Group)
At this time we will need to do a lot more remotely. I know this won’t necessarily sit easily to begin with but I promise you that it is much easier than you think it will be, and it will soon feel normal.
Here is a quick guide on how to access Zoom. It will be slightly different depending on whether you are using a laptop/pc or a smart phone/tablet.

Both are easy. Just follow the instructions below for whichever device you are using.
On a PC or a Laptop
Make sure you have a camera and a microphone. If you don’t you will need to purchase one (known as a webcam) before you can join in. These are available in computer stores and online.
Easiest is to watch this video:

If you need more help, or you’d rather do step-by-step, just follow along below. You’ll only need steps 3 and 4 for the first time you use zoom.
1. Open the email you will have received from the host. There will be a line with “Join Zoom Meeting” followed by a link (in blue).
2. Click the link – this will open a new window in your browser
3. A dialogue box will ask you if you’d like to download Zoom. Agree and download.
4. Open the downloaded file. This will install zoom on your PC/Laptop
5. It may ask you to wait if you try to log in before the host – if so, just wait.
6. A dialogue box will open. Click ‘Join with computer’
7. You will join the meeting. Click the camera icon in the bottom left corner so we can see you.
8. Enjoy the meeting!

zoom etiquette PDF

Zoom Etiquette Guide  – Please Take the time to Read Through 
Getting used to a new environment can be tricky, and that is equally true with online meetings and groups as well. Every sort of meeting has unwritten rules that we use to allow the group to function well. Here are a few tips when using online meetings to help us make the most of our time together.

1. Make sure you’re ready for the meeting before logging on. Just like in a face to face meeting it is best to avoid having to move around.

2. If you do need to move away from the camera please mute your microphone, and if possible comment in the chat function – just like apologising/explaining if leaving a physical meeting.

3. Be aware that everyone can see whatever is behind you! Make sure that you’re happy with people seeing whatever else is in shot.

4. Remember that everyone can see you. As tempting as it is to do the meeting in your pyjamas, please wear whatever you would normally where if you were attending the meeting physically. Please remember we can also see you yawn, cough, blow your nose, etc – try not to do this into the microphone or camera.

5. Look at the camera (not the screen) when speaking and listening. It’s the equivalent of making eye contact.

6. Please mute your phone, and any other distractions, during the meeting.

7. Mute your microphone when listening to a presenter to avoid distractions. Obviously, if it is a conversation please leave it left on.

8. When in conversation try not to dominate the conversation, or talk over each other. This one can be difficult as the audio can occasionally lag (come through the speakers a short time after you spoke). If this is a particular issue the host will arrange a method to ensure the meeting functions (e.g. hand up to talk)

Thank you for reading and trying to absorb these tips. They are not all encompassing, and it will talk a while to learn the new way of meeting, but these will go a long way to help your meetings run much smoother.

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