Lighten Our Darkness

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The Youth Leaders of Lighten Our Darkness by Numbers have created this  production to highlight Global Destruction.

What is happening to God’s Natural world is catastrophic. Scientists warn us the outlook is, frankly, dire. “Lighten Our Darkness By Numbers” is a faith based initiative in All Saints’ Mullingar Parish, Westmeath , Ireland. We hope , with God’s help to stop the destruction and to reset our moral compass. To Get Involved – Email: All Saints’ Mullingar – Dioceses of Meath and Kildare You can read more about Lighten our Darkeness movement here.



Lighten Our Darkness

‘Lighten our Darkness’ is the name some amazing young people in All Saints’ Parish Mullingar have given to their Christian Leadership Project.

The project was launched on Sunday 1st March with an inspiring dramatic production and the young people will be meeting shortly, after the constraint on social distancing has been lifted, to plan the next stage of the project.  The project seeks to highlight, in a very imaginative and enriching way, how the wisdom of God as revealed in the Bible can help us deal with the many challenges we face in the world today.

The very attractive logo holds out the firm hope that under God’s guidance the world can move from darkness to light and so represent all that is best in God’s creation, in humanity and in human behaviour.

The young people will post their Programme for Action in due course.

Please join them in lighting a candle each evening at 7.00 p.m. to pray to God for help with the crisis the world is in.

Candlelight Prayer  Movement MARCH 18th 2020 SEE VIDEOS HERE

We as part of the ‘Lighten Our Darkness Youth Movement in All Saints’ Church, Mullingar, County Westmeath will from tonight 18th March 2020 and every night  at 7p.m  light a candle in each of our homes to show that God’s love, life and hope is never overtaken by the darkness that surrounds us.

As we light the candle we will pray:

We remember in mercy, Our Father, those who have succumbed to the Corona virus and those who have thankfully recovered and their families and friends. We ask you to bless all that is being done for their good by doctors, nurses, ambulance paramedics, medical staff, carers and pharmacists. We pray that you will surround everyone with your healing love and power. We make this our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.

Lighten our darkness, O Lord , we pray and in your great mercy defend us from all  perils and dangers at this time for the love of your only son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

May the Almighty and merciful Lord, grant us all peace and preserve each of us this night and forever more.

Our hope is that through prayer we may all find peace, healing and assurance in God’s love and protection.  Jesus is our light in the darkness.

Do join us by lighting  a candle and saying a prayer.