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Points of Interest Around the Church

 Good Shepherd Window, Front Porch: Transferred from Kilbeggan Church, the window memorialises the McKenna family, landowners at Gaybrook and Moyliscar, south of Mullingar. It dates to circa 1920.

IMAGE: 22. Good shepherd


Stained Glass Windows, Church Hall: These windows, depicting scenes from John 11 (Christ with Mary and Martha) and 1 Samuel 13 (David receives news of the death of Saul), were originally part of the fabric of Ballymore Church, west of Mullingar. They are attributed to the studio of O’Connor & Taylor, London, and date to circa 1895.

IMAGE: 23. Jesus Mary Martha detail

IMAGE: 24. David and Saul

North Transept Window: Transferred from the demolished church in Mount Temple, Moate, the window memorialises the Russell family and depicts the Ascension. It is attributed to the studio of Watson & Co., Youghal, and dates to circa 1895.

IMAGE: 25. North transept window


L’Estrange Memorial, North Transept: This tablet, now difficult to read, was erected in the memory of Ferdinand William L’Estrange, Captain of the 5th Fusiliers, who fought during the Indian Mutiny and died on October 30, 1857, at the age of 32, having been fatally wounded in an engagement at Lucknow.

IMAGE: 26. L’Estrange Memorial

Stained Glass Window, Lyons’ Den: The window depicts Rachel, the mother of Benjamin, weeping for her children. In Jeremiah 31:15, the prophet speaks of “Rachel weeping for her children,” which is interpreted in Judaism as Rachel crying for an end to her descendants’ sufferings and exile after the destruction by the Babylonians of the First Temple in Jerusalem. Matthew (chapter 2) reintroduces Rachel, the long dead mother, weeping over the tribe, her descendants, because of the terrible calamities that befell them. This is interpreted as a prediction of the Massacre of the Innocents by Herod in his attempt to murder the infant Jesus. The window, from the studio of O’Connor & Taylor, London, dates to circa 1895.

IMAGE: 27. Rachel weeping


Chancel Window: Above the large window memorialising Rev. John Hopkins is a small stained glass window depicting an angelic host. It dates from circa 1890.

IMAGE: 28. Chancel window

Bowen Memorial, South Transept: The text of the memorial reads “Under this monument in a vault is deposited the body of Hugh Bowen Esq. Heir of the House of Upton, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, who for the space of 44 years experienced the office of collector of Trim District, during which time he behaved as a pious good Christian, faithful subject and affectionate husband and a tender father, a sincere friend and a kind master and beloved and lamented by all his acquaintances. Departed this life 22nd May 1724 aged 69. By his side deposited the body of Anne his wife, daughter to William Lanes of Rathconrath, Esq. whose truly pious and good life with her constant care and love to her children as well before as after her husband’s decease made her ye object of their dutiful regard and admired and loved by all that knew her”.

IMAGE: 29 Bowen Memorial



Floral Windows, Church Hall: Colourful stained glass windows in the church hall.

IMAGE: 30. Floral window

IMAGE: 31. Hall window


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