October 2020 – News Update

Dear Parishioners,

Due to the recent Government restrictions the holding of Church Services has been postponed for the moment. The details of the Church Services in the October Union Notes will not now apply

However, God’s providence is still something that is very important to many people and a source of great strength, comfort and inspiration.  For centuries Christians have believed that God does intervene in the life of His people and provides loves, support and protection to those in need.  This is borne out through the prayers of so many people who truly value the opportunity of coming into the Lord’s Church and presence in times of need, to pray that His intervention and His love will make a difference, not only to individual lives but to the lives of the wider community and world.

God’s peace is a precious gift.  By coming to Him in prayer we can know His peace for our stress, anxiety and worry – a peace that passes all understanding.

While we will not be holding formal Church Services at the moment we are pleased to let you know that the churches will be open for private prayer on Sundays and during the week.  I warmly invite parishioners, their families and neighbours to avail of this.  Sitting in the sacredness of the churches in our Parish, listening to sacred music and offering our own prayers provides a very peaceful and comforting time.

During the restrictions I will conduct a short Service online every Sunday morning which I entitle “Sunday Moment’s in God’s Presence”.

The postage for this leaflet has been very kindly paid for.

I wish everyone well in our current circumstances and pray that you will remain safe and healthy.

Revd. Alastair Graham


Church Opening Times for Prayer  

Sundays           10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon            All Saints’ Mullingar

11.30 a.m.                                St. Etchen’s Killucan

4.00 p.m.                                  Kilbixy

Monday            10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon            All Saints’ Mullingar

Wednesday    12.00 noon – 2.00 p.m.              All Saints’ Mullingar

Friday               1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.                All Saints’ Mullingar

“Our heart is restless until it finds rest in thee”

St. Augustine

Lighten Our Darkness

The young leaders got a wonderful surprise recently when a handwritten letter arrived for them from Sir David Attenborough, on his personal writing paper.  In his letter to the young leaders Sir David said he was delighted to hear of their Initiative and warmly congratulated them, wishing them every encouragement and support with the very important work they are undertaking.

Sir David’s endorsement is also supported by Bishop Pat Storey who, along with Sir David, offers her congratulations and looks forward to seeing the presentation in All Saints’ on Sunday 7th March 2021


 The Select Vestry hope to organise a big Christmas Raffle to help support the Parish finances due to the cancellation of the Annual Mayfair fundraiser which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Details of the Christmas Raffle will be given in the November Union Notes.  We hope parishioners will generously support the Raffle this year.

For your Daily Prayer


Lord, we come to you in the assurance that you are present with us now, we do not have to seek your presence, we are daily living in your presence.  Make us aware of it, make it real to us and help us in these moments of prayer to know that we are speaking to one who is near and not far off, whose love is all around us and who knows our every need.  Amen.

Remember in mercy our Father those who are passing through illness and especially of whom we are now thinking in our prayers.  Bless all that is being done for their good and surround them with your healing love and power, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Saviour.   Amen.

We continue to thank God for the dedication and compassion shown by so many who in their work support and care for those who are suffering during the pandemic.



‘The Lord is my shepherd.’

Psalm 23

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