Poetry by Fleur Forbes

Ever Present

Do not be afraid for he is always here,
In the darkness of the night he will hold you near
And when the sun does rise, so early in the morn
He will still be there, at the first break of dawn.

When playing with your friends in the school yard
He’s the protective hand always on his guard.
And if feeling afraid or sad, as sometimes we do
His presence will be there simply guiding you.

And as you travel through the various steps of life,
There will be hard times, there will be some strife,
But remember at those times, there is a ray of light,
Ever present there, even in the darkest nights.

Carry this with you and you won’t feel alone,
Even if you are a long long way from home,
Take a little time, to think about our Lord,
For he will be your guide until you fear no more.

Fluer Forbes May 2020

Dun A Ri


I’m walking on these wooded paths
It is a forest that I know from past
For we would spend some Sundays here
With fond memories we hold so dear.

Our Granny liked to wander down
Towards the park from outside town
We’d walk the road all of us
And do our best not to fuss

And when we see the gates up there
We’d run towards without a care.
Heading towards the paddling pool,
Surrounded by so many views.

Into the water we would go
Taking our shoes off as we go.
There are so many people here
As every Sunday for many a year.

Our Granny would always sit and watch
In Hope’s that nobody would be forgot
And when it was our time to go
We head towards the path we know

Pass Sarah’s Bridge and under trees
Until the Wishing Well we’d see,
We always liked to make a wish,
Scoop up the water with silver dish.

And after that we had a treat
The chestnut tree we get to meet.
A climbing tree for all of us
We could not wait to scale right up

And find a branch where we could fit
And chat to all that had room to sit.
A little picnic we would eat
Ready now, the ducks to meet.

We would feed them crumbs from our lunch,
And hope that they enjoyed the munch.
A few more minutes please we’d ask
And hope that this would indeed last.

And when it was our time to part,
Past the Ice house we would march
Our legs were tired from this day
But the memories will always stay.

And when we got to Grannys house,
We’d sit down quiet as a mouse,
The fire lit, and Tummys full
Over the day we’d get to mull

It really was a perfect day
Down in the woods where we could stray
With tired heads we’d go to bed
Thanking God for what lay ahead.

Fluer Forbes April 2020


Little Fingers

I’m sitting here, in front of keys,
The black and white my company
I play a tune so sweet and light
The reflective tones try as I might

I listen to the children play,
Their little fingers find their way,
We play some scales, sightreading too,
And then at last some lovely tunes.

I see their faces lighting up,
What once was hard is now not tough
And sometimes too we have a chat
About exams that will be sat

It does not phase the children at all,
They work so hard to play it all
It really fills my heart with glee,
To hear the music in front of me.

And when the lesson is to cease
We decide again another piece
The practice I know there will be some,
And feel so proud with the work that’s done.

And when the night is nearly gone,
I sit and play, not for too long,
The ebony and ivory keys
They really do fulfill my needs.

And now it’s time to bid good night
And close piano, switch off light.
I think about the job complete
And look forward to our next repeat
Fluer Forbes April 2020


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