Issue 100  “UNION NEWS” June 2018



Dear Parishioner(s)

Centenary Issue

This is the 100th edition of the Union Notes and it is a wonderful achievement.  Every month the Notes are distributed to all the households in the Union of Parishes with details of all the monthly church Services and activities.  It is an important means of parish communication.  On Thursday 28th June, at the midday prayers in All Saints’, I am going to have a special Service to mark the centenary edition.  I invite all parishioners to this Service and I hope many will be able to attend.



Circle of Prayer- Sunday 3rd June

Prayer is one of the most essential elements of the Christian life and on Sunday 3rd June we are going to launch our Parish Circle of Prayer.  Parishioners will be invited to join the Circle of Prayer by taking one of the prayer cards and will be invited to pray the prayers on the card each day.  We hope to establish a wide circle. Each day of the year the prayers will be prayed in the Parish.



State Examinations

We remember at this time of year all the young people who are preparing to undertake State Examinations.  Special prayers will be offered this Sunday at all Services.  We wish all the young people every success in their examinations and in their preparation.



Mayfair – wonderful result!

I would like to thank everyone who supported and helped at the Mayfair which was held on Saturday 12th May.  A net figure of €8,500 was raised which is a truly wonderful amount of money.   I would like to thank Emma Coburn, the Mayfair organiser, and all the members of her Committee and everyone in the Parish for their good work, support and endeavour.


Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association

The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association is going exceptionally well.  The Company Display will be held on Monday 18th June at 7.00 p.m. in All Saints’ and I warmly invite parishioners to come and support the Leaders and members of the Brigade. We thank David Webster, the company captain for all his good work and all the leaders for the support they give week by week.


Data Protection

The new legislation came into effect on 25th May and, throughout the whole of the EC, there is now a protocol to protect personal information.  In the Parish we require parishioners’ permission to send information about Parish events and Church Services.  I have sent a letter to every household and would like to thank those who have replied.  May I also remind others who wish to receive Parish information, to return the forms to either the Rectory or the churchwardens, as we will not be permitted to send information to those who have not signed the form.  Each Parish has to appoint a Data Controller and the Select Vestry has pleasure in announcing the appointment of Alice Bannon of this Parish.  Alice’s experience and personal qualities makes her an ideal choice for this important appointment. I would like to thank her for accepting.

Additional copies of the forms are available in the Churches.


Youth Matters

I am delighted to announce that Youth for Christ has accepted our invitation to organise and run a Youth Programme in the Parish.  Youth for Christ has vast experience in this area of church ministry and we are richly blessed to have their services.  The first meeting of the Rock Solid Youth Club which is aimed at young people aged between11-14 will be held on Wednesday 20th June at 7.30 p.m. in All Saints’.  I warmly invite all young people to attend   I hope this Youth initiative will be supported by all the parents in the Parish.



Childrens’ Bible – Sunday 17th June

Since last September I have been teaching the Bible to the children of fith and Sixth Class in All Saints’ National School every week.  On Sunday 17th June at 11.00 a.m. they are going to give a dramatic presentation of God’s story in the Old Testament.  This will be truly inspiring and I hope parishioners will come to show their support for the young people on this important occasion. This will be a Children’s Service not to be missed!



Confirmation Class

I would like to meet the candidates on Saturday 23rd June at 12 noon in All Saints’ for just a half an hour to arrange dates and the Confirmation Programme.




Holy Baptism

We welcomed into God’s family Alex Van de Pul, Ramona Sheridan, Ruby Denniston and Konstantine and Luisa Gnos.  We pray for them as they begin their journey of faith, and also for their parents and godparents.


Holy Matrimony

We pray for Shane and Catherine White and Newton and June Rolston who were also recently married.  In warmly congratulating them we pray that God will bless them with a long life together with good health and happiness.




We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of Charlie Holley.  Charlie passed away in hospital after a short illness and we remember his family, Samantha, Caron and David and their families, at this sad time.  Charlie moved to Westmeath following his retirement from the RCB in Dublin.  He was widely respected and his friendliness and humour was greatly appreciated by everyone.  We pray that, now in the fuller presence of God, he may rest in peace.


We also offer our deepest sympathy to Alfie and Sheila Bailey following the untimely death of Sheila’s sister, Lorna.  Lorna bore her illness with amazing courage and dignity and we pray that she is now at rest in God’s presence and that Sheila, Alfie and their family will be comforted by their memories of her and in the assurance of God’s promise of eternal life.


Olive and I would like to thank everyone in the Parish for your lovely messages of sympathy following the death of my eldest brother David who died in Scotland.  We and the family have been comforted by your love, support and prayers which we have appreciated very much indeed.


St. Peter’s Day – 29th June

This is a very important Saint’s day in the church calendar.  There will be a special Service of Holy Communion at 12.00 noon in All Saints’.


Church Services

This month I have had to alter the times of some of the Services to facilitate the availability of Clergy. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Installation Services

The Bishop has arranged that my Installation as Canon to the Cathedrals will take place at a Service in Trim Parish Church on Sunday 24th June at 7p.m.and Kildare Cathedral on Sunday 8th July at 4p.m.

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