Comprising of All Saints Mullingar - Killucan - Kilbixy & Almoritia
September Highlights
Parents Forums - Killucan - Sunday 04th September- 10.30a.m.
- All Saints' Saturday 17th September- 10.30a.m

Launch of Year of Faith -
Sunday 25th September-All Saints'- 11a.m.
Sunday 02nd October - Killucan -

Parish Coffee Morning -Saturday 10th September
10.30a.m. - 12 .30p.m

Ecumenical Blessing at The Holy Well
The annual Ecumenical Blessing for healing at The Holy Well near Kilbixy will take place on Sunday 11th September at 4.30p.m.those wishing to attend should meet at Kilbixy Church at 4.15p.m.

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Issue 79 "UNION NEWS" September 2016

Dear Parishioner(s)

September is always a lovely month in the Parish. After the summer break during the months of July and August we all come together again as the Parish activities start again and the school recommences. This year life will be somewhat different in All Saints' School. For the first time in 41 years Mr. Horan will no longer be teaching in the school and, of course, will be very sadly missed, especially by the children, staff and parents. However, he has left a wonderful legacy and our excellent team of teachers will ensure the very high standards of All Saints' School will be maintained. Mrs. Sheridan will act as Principal pending the appointment of a new Principal. It will be lovely to see all the children assembling again. We will be welcoming the new children starting in the school and also wish those who left at the end of June every success in their secondary school education.

State Exams
We would like to congratulate everyone who sat the exams this summer and we wish them well with the future education and careers.

Parish Vision Plan
September will also see the further development of our Parish Vision Plan. The Events Ministry, which has been so successful, will recommence with a special Songs of Praise on Sunday 18th September at 11.00 a.m. in All Saints'. Parishioners from each of the Parishes are invited to attend this service. We will also be launching our Year of Christian Faith at a special Service in All Saints' on Sunday 25th September and in Killucan on Sunday 2nd October.

Parent Forums -This month there will be two special Parent Forums held to discuss our Children's Services and ministry in the Parish. On Sunday 4th September a special Forum for parents will be held in Killucan at 10.30 a.m. and in All Saints' on Saturday 17th September at 10.30 a.m. I hope these Forums will be very well supported by parents and I warmly invite and encourage all parents in the Parish with young children to attend.

Grandparents, Parents and Godparents Sunday-25th September
The Year of Faith in the Parish will be launched at two special Services - one in All Saints' on Sunday 25th September and a Service in Killucan on Sunday 2nd October. I am inviting all grandparents, parents and godparents to attend these Services and I hope these Services will provide an inspiring opportunity for the launch of our Year of Christian Faith. The parishioners of Kilbixy and Almoritia are invited to attend the Service in All Saints' on Sunday 25th September. Nurturing children in the Christian faith provides them with a very important and valuable foundation for their lives and the opportunity to become members of God's family.

Faith Forum -In the autumn we will be holding a Faith Forum to give parishioners an opportunity to come and share and participate in learning about our faith. Details of the Forum will be given in the October Union Notes. I firmly hope that parishioners will both enjoy and benefit from attending the Faith Forum in the Parish.

Select Vestry -The Select Vestry will hold a Meeting on Tuesday 6th September at 8.00 p.m. in the Rectory.

Parish Coffee Morning
A Parish Coffee Morning will be held in Mornington by kind permission of Ann and Warwick O'Hara on Saturday 10th September from 10.30 am - 12.30pm. This provides a lovely opportunity for parishioners to meet together informally in one of the most idyllic settings in Westmeath.

Heritage Week
I would like to thank everyone who helped in the stewarding of the churches during Heritage Week in August. Visitors who have had the opportunity of visiting the different churches in the Parish will have been greatly inspired and impressed by their visit. We are fortunate to have four very beautiful churches in the Parish so well maintained.

Diocesan Synod -This year the Diocesan Synod will be held in the Parish Centre at Dunboyne on Saturday 1st October.

Harvest Festivals -Next month the Harvest Festival in
" Killucan will be held on Sunday 9th October at 11.30 a.m.
" Kilbixy on Sunday 9th October at 3.30 p.m.
" All Saints' on Sunday 16th October at 11.00 a.m.
" Almoritia on Sunday 23rd October at 11.00 a.m.
These are always special occasions and further details will be given in next month's Union Notes.

Parish Youth Forum
It is hoped to hold a special Parish Youth Forum in the next few weeks. Details of the venue and date will be circulated shortly. Young people have a very special contribution to make to the life of the Parish and we want to do everything we can to encourage their participation and involvement.

Bible Study
The September Bible Study will be held at 10.30 a.m. on Saturday 24th September in Killucan church.

Tiny Tot Group with Zoe
Tiny Tots Morning -Resumes on Friday 2nd September.

Presentation to Mr. Pat Horan
A presentation to Mr. Pat Horan will take place on Friday 14th October in the Greville Arms Hotel. Details to follow.

Boys Brigade and Girls Association - Start of new session Tuesday 04th October at 7pm in all Saints'.

We offer our deepest sympathy to Nicole Cole, Liam and her family following the death of her mother over the summer, just four months after her father's funeral. Nicole's mother was a stalwart supporter of the Mother's Union and was also involved in an enormous amount of charitable work in addition to her work in the Parish of Yellow Bog. The loss of such fine loving parents is clearly a very sad time for all the family but we hope that Nicole and her family will be comforted with the lovely inspiring memories she and they have of their amazing parents. We also pray that Nicole and the family will be strengthened knowing that God's promises are true and pray that her mum and dad, now reunited, may rest in peace in God's loving care.

Ploughing Championship - Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd October
This year the Ploughing Championship will be held in Tullamore and the Diocese will be hosting an Exhibition Stand. You will be most welcome if you like to call in. I will be on duty on Tuesday 20th from 12.00 noon until 3.00 p.m

You may like to keep in touch with the Parish through the website and your family and friends may also like to have the web address. The address is I encourage you to continue to look at the website and to also advise your family and friends about it.
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With God's blessings,
Rev. Alastair Graham, Rector

The Rectory, Gaol's Hill, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
Telephone No. 044-934 8376

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