Service Times


 Sunday 3rd November

All Saints’          8.30 a.m.            Breakfast Communion, Rector

11.00 a.m.            Holy Communion and J.A.M., Canon Lawrence

Killucan             11.30 a.m.            Holy Communion and J.A.M., Rector

Kilbixy                11.30 a.m.            Morning Prayer

Almoritia            7.00 p.m.            Holy Communion, Rector



Sunday 10th November

All Saints’           10.30 a.m.            Remembrance Service

Preacher: Very Rev. Tim Wright

5.00 p.m.            40th Anniversary of Lay Ministry

Celebrant and Preacher – Bishop Pat Storey

Sunday 17th November

All Saints’           10.00 a.m.            Holy Communion, Rector

11.00 a.m.            Children’s Inspiring Festival, Rector

Killucan                11.30 a.m.            Holy Communion, Rev. Hazel Scully

Kilbixy                   7.00 p.m.            Evening Prayer, Rector


Sunday 24th November

All Saints’           11.00 a.m.            Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association Enrolment

Service, Rector

7.00 p.m.            Evensong to mark the 150th Anniversary

Westmeath Choral

Killucan                11.30 a.m.           Holy Communion, Canon Lawrence

Kilbixy                 11.30 a.m.            Morning Prayer

J.A.M. Sunday School

 All Saints’        Sunday 3rd November

Sunday 1st December at 11.00 a.m.


Killucan           Sunday 3rd, 17th and 24th November at 11.30 a.m.


All Saints’ Day – Friday 1st November

Service of Holy Communion at 11.00 a.m. to celebrate our Patronal Festival.