Select Vestry

Mullingar Union of Parishes
Select Vestry 2018

The following were appointed and elected at the meeting of the General Easter Vestry on Wednesday 3oth April 2018

The churchwardens for the incoming year are:
All Saints’ Mullingar 
Aurthur O’Toole (Rector’s) 087 9733233
Brigid Geoghegan (People’s) 087 6157052

Anna O’Leary( Rector’s)
Billy Small (People’s)

Watson Mills (Rector’s)
Violet Medforth (People’s)

Vivienne mulligan (Rector’s)
Arie Gorissen (People’s)

Christopher Manziri (Rector’s)
Mark Potterton (People’s)

Members of the Select Vestry:
Continuing on
Richard Williamson (Hon. Secretary)
Jean Kilmartin (Hon. Treasurer)
John Hales
Doreen Lynch
David Miller
David Webster
Hazel Scully
Emma Coburn
Patrick Pilkington

Newly elected: David Gibson Brabazon


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